E-health Latvia

Small country – great e-health solutions

E-health is a health program for more efficient use of information and communication technology tools. In European Union e-health is identified as a key tool for a health care quality, access and safety promotion.

The main objectives of e-health development are to: improve health, promote individual control of their health; reduce wasted time spend on patients contacts with medical institutions; increase the effectiveness of the health care, providing health care specialists with a quick access to necessary patient health data; reduce the amount of information that health care specialists need to enter into the documents; increase the amount and usability of a structured information; increase effectiveness of medical institutions; increase health care data reliability and security.

E-health in Latvia today:

  • Patients can easily access care records using state e-services’ portal (authenticated with ibank information, electronic signature). These e-services are: “My state paid healthcare services”; “My general practitioner”; “My newborn children data”; “My data within the diabetes mellitus patients’ register”.
  • E-health solution architecture.

E-health solution architecture is developed as modular system, which consists of three layers:

The first layer - for bussiness users, who integrate with systems using their business systems;

The seceond layer - is our system which includes all core models;

The third layer - is national e-governance infrastrature for data exchange with registries.



  • Centrally stored health records reduces risk of faulty course of treatment.
  • Effective health service booking process allows patient to choose health service provider using information about waiting queues, time shedules, price of services whether paid by state, personally or by insurance companies.
  • More effective prevention activities such as reminders of required vaccinations; invitations to preventive cancer screening tests etc.
  • More effective, safer and faster process of getting prescriptions and medicines reducing risk of erroneous prescriptions.
  • Better supervision of the financial flow, saved states budget by eradicating unfair practices and decreasing amount of repeated medical tests.
  • More information for evidence based decisions in health care.
  • Open interfaces allows every software provider alter their solution to exchange information with central e-health platform.

National health billing system collects data from all health care providers about state paid medical services. Billing and payments processes are almost fully digitized.


  • Patients have more information about their health and are more involved in the treatment process.
  • Process allows for transparency and budget economy as unfair practices are easily detected.
  • Payment process is quick and convenient.
  • Easily gathered statistics provides means for evidence based decisions in health care.

Authentication services and verification against state registers are provided by state e-services portal integration platform and are used across many e-services’ portal services.

Data flows to billing system are electronic.


Coming soon

  • Centralized e-health solution, funded by European Regional Development Fund, includes e-referrals and e-booking, e-prescriptions and electronic health records as well as e-health portal. Solution provides published interfaces for interconnectivity, authentication and classifier distribution services.
  • Patients or healthcare professionals after autentication (with ibank information, mobile ID or electronic signature) can access related information either using the software of health care providers or e-health portal.
  • All those modules provides fundament for future development.
  • E-health portal will include also publicity available information about the health care sector in Latvia, such as prevention, illnsses and diseases or legal framework of Latvia’s health system.
  • New e-services:

– electronic records and referrals to health care services;

– electronis health card, which will have their medical records and information about received health care services as well as there will be other e-services.


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(Latvijas Republikas Nacionālā veselības dienesta informācija, http://www.vmnvd.gov.lv)
(информация Национальной службой здравоохранения Латвийской Республики, http://www.vmnvd.gov.lv)