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Promotion of Accessible Free of Border Primary Health Care Services in the Area of Daugavpils Rural Municipality and Braslav District

Short title: Cross-Border Patient


Measure 2.2: Enhancement of education, health and social sphere development

Beneficiary: Daugavpils Countu Council (Daugavpils, Latvia)

Partner: Braslav Central District Hospital (Braslav, Belarus)

PROBLEM: According to the Intergovernmental agreement about simplified border crossing in the Latvian-Belarusian 50 km border area both countries are obliged to guarantee visitors the accessibility to primary health care services. Most of doctor’s assistant points of Daugavpils rural area (Latvia) as well as Polyclinic of Braslav central district hospital (Belarus) do not meet the national requirements about adaptation of the medical institutions to the needs of disabled persons. There is also lack of information about health care system and location of primary health care points in the visit area.

OBJECTIVE: To contribute to accessibility of primary health services by adapting medical infrastructure for the needs of disabled persons and by developing of cross-border health care IT network in border areas of Latvia and Belarus.


The project contributed to better accessibility of primary health services in the border areas of Latvia and Belarus.

10 doctors‘ assistant points in Daugavpils rural area and 1 polyclinic of central district hospital in Braslav were renovated and adapted for the needs of disabled persons. The premises were equipped with furniture and medical and IT equipment.

2 benchmarking seminars for Latvian and Belarusian doctors, municipal employees and journalists were organised in Daugavpils and Braslav.

Cross-border health care cooperation IT network was developed containing useful information both for local residents and for foreigners about the primary healthcare services in Latvia and Belarus, contacts and locations of medical points.

Project number: LLB-2-264
Grant Contract number: 1S-528
Total budget: 682 713 €
EU contribution: 614 441,70 €
Implementation period: 12.11.2013-30.09.2015
Contact: Olga Lukaševiča
Rīgas street 2, LV-5401, Daugavpils, Latvia
+37126315587; olga.lukasevica@dnd.lv;